Three for the weekend…terrifying fictional mothers

And here I am shamelessly jumping on the ‘It’s Mother’s Day this weekend! Let’s feature mothers in everything!’ bandwagon. Terrifying mothers seem a little more interesting than brilliant (Marmee March? Beloved mother but oh so dull), so here are three awful, terrible, fascinating mothers in fiction.


First up is Adora, the estranged mother of Camille Preaker in Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects. Flynn is excellent at creating truly awful characters  and Adora is one of the worst. It’s hard to give more details without spoilers but the novel is dark and horrific (and brilliant), and Adora is the most terrifying aspect of it.

Coraline Cover

Neil Gaiman is also brilliant at horrific characters, like Coraline’s Other Mother. She’s a magical shapeshifting monster who steals the souls of children by taking their eyes and replacing them with buttons. What’s not to love?


Lastly, Kit’s mother Sonia from Penny Hancock’s TidelineSonia gets her friend’s nephew drunk, locks him in her spare room, sedates him, and then hides him in the garage. As you do.

Who are your favourite terrible mothers in literature?

5 responses to “Three for the weekend…terrifying fictional mothers

  1. My mother’s day is in May, but it’s always interesting to think about the way mothers have been portrayed in literature. Yes, the mom in Coraline is awful. As for a less pernicious example (not really “terrifying”), Mrs. Bennett from Pride & Prejudice certainly has her faults (I suppose all parents do, to varying degrees!).


  2. Adora IS terrifying. That book! Yikes.


  3. Brilliant choice of books and I loved your comment underneath Tideline (which I haven’t read but it’s on my TBR) which made me chuckle. 🙂


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